The DeskCycle makes it easy to get safe and effective exercise while working at your desk. It's the only bike that was specifically designed for this purpose. Some of the features that distinguish the DeskCycle from the rest are shown below.

  • Lowest Pedal Height

    At only 10 inches, the DeskCycle has the lowest pedal height of all pedal exercisers.

  • Smooth and Quiet

    The touch-free magnetic resistance system of the DeskCycle is both smooth and quiet. Most bikes have friction resistance that can be noisy and have jerky pedal motion that is distracting and unhealthy for your joints.

    Smooth pedal motion is healthy for your joints, and lets you focus your attention on your work.

    Quiet pedal motion lets your coworkers focus on their work.

  • Burn More Calories

    The lowest resistance setting is easy. The maximum resistance of the DeskCycle is between 2 and 10 times the maximum resistance of the other pedal exercisers.

  • Highest Quality / Longest lasting

    The DeskCycle is built to last for years of maintenance-free use.

    The DeskCycle has the same patented magnetic resistance system and high quality, heavy-duty components.

  • Bidirectional Pedal Motion

    Pedal the bike forwards or backwards. Pedaling backwards works opposite muscle groups.